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Fonts for tables

Фото: @anniespratt via unsplash.com

Charts take up a lot of space in reports and presentations. Furthermore, using Courier typeface will eventually require a considerable reduction of the point size.

But where might it lead to? To confusion in figures.

However, there exist numerals that save space and are better legible than numerals in Calibri, Helvetica, Times, or any other standard editor font.

Figures is charts must have the same width otherwise they will not line up correctly in columns. Majuscule numerals that have no ascenders or descenders are great for charts and tables. Most modern digital fonts use majuscule numerals by default.

If you are thinking about the most convenient and compact font, consider the narrow typerface fonts such as Univers 57, News Gothic, or other fonts specially designed for such purposes, e.g. Axel. Using these fonts will make your charts stand out because they not only look better but are also better perceived by the readers.

Here’s how your data will look in your charts if you use the recommended fonts.