The McKinsey Way

Training course
Business presentations: structure and design
by Ksenia Denisova

Ksenia Denisova

Head of Programme

More than 15 years of presentation design experience. Teaching how to sell and structure your ideas by means of comprehensible and visually attractive slides.

Work experience: BBC Russian (London), McKinsey & Co, Renaissance Capital, VTB Group, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.


Examples of previous work for clients

Most of the presentations are under NDA. Therefore, I can only provide several examples of my work in the form of short extracts, approved by clients.

  • Russian Tennis Federation

    Report remastering

    Before After
  • Thanky

    Investor presentation for Facebook headquarters

  • SKOLKOVO / Monocities

    EFMD EIP case competition gold winner

    Example PDF
  • SKOLKOVO / Rosseti

    EFMD EIP case competition finalist

    Example PDF

    EFMD EIP case competition finalist

    Example PDF
  • Logistics

    Business presentation for public speech

    Фрагмент PDF


Target Audience

The training course is designed to benefit professionals who are seeking to improve their presentation-making and presentation delivery skills. Often, presenters have bright ideas but with their practical skills lacking, are unable to deliver and see ideas through to their full potential.

The main goal of this course is to see through structural thinking; yielding captivating slides and storylines. Honing your ability to deliver presentations efficiently contributes to improved corporate culture and elevates business to a higher level.

Programme Benefits

The course is based on the Ivy League researches, leading management consulting firm McKinsey & Company practice, and knowledge acquired during a 10-year work experience with Fortune 500 clients.

Ivy League research and McKinsey & Company consultancy

Programme focus: charts, diagrams, tables and Think-Cell add-on functionality

The practical part of the course includes unique case studies: idea structuring, visualization and advice on improving clients’ presentations.

All clients are provided with the executive summary of the programme and a set of ready-made slides with graphic decisions.

The course is recommended for top management as well as specialists

Charts & Tables

Charts and tables is one of the key issues managers face while preparing a business presentation. To build these on slides takes a lot of time. The decision which chart type to choose plays a vital role as it influences the numerical data perception. That’s why a special part of the programme is focused on charts and tables.

Think-cell* functionality is under a detailed review of the course. Think-cell is a powerful charting and layout software that automates your PowerPoint work and such improves slide creation efficiency and quality. Within minutes you get well-laid-out and great-looking slides.

*PowerPoint add-on for building charts, widely used in consulting

Programme Structure

The programme is divided into several blocks; each is followed by a case study and practical exercises. The course can be adjusted to suit client's needs and group size. Full course length: 2 days (depending on client goal). Recommended number of participants: 10 people.

  • Detailed MS PowerPoint review
  • Presentation types and general requirements of data visualizationа
  • Template and layout
  • Slide structure and action titles
  • Colour scheme
  • Autoshapes and SmartArt
  • Fonts and typography
  • Media files and animation
  • Infographics and photo
  • Structured thinking and strategic storytelling
  • Problem solving cycle
  • Executive Summary
  • Formulating hypothesis, issue tree and synthesis
  • MECE principle and 80/20 rule in business presentations
  • 30-second rule and principles of business communication
  • Minto’s pyramid principle
  • Vertical and horizontal ties in documents
  • Deduction and induction methods
  • Chart types and deep-dive in Think-cell
  • Comparison types
  • Complex charts with several axes
  • Gantt chart
  • Waterfall
  • Pie chart, etc.
  • Rules of data visualization in charts
  • Public speaking
  • PowerPoint alternatives review (Keynote, Prezi, etc.)
  • Lifehacks, additional case studies and hot keys
  • Resources for photos and icons
  • Useful publications


I'm pleased to recommend Ksenia as a true professional who is contributing with a maximum efforts to fulfil requirements of the client. We had requested to have 2 days full course presentation skills trainings complicated by focus on structuring and problem solving skills. Ksenia perfectly covered the required topics with preparation of special part directed to consultancy style problem solving skills. Visualization part provided with a lot of useful hints and tools as well. This training is the perfect choice to increase your teammates professionalism in structuring and presenting information and transform your routine boring presentations into something fresh and bright. Thank you, Ksenia!

Maksim Dementev

Head of Business Controlling,
CIS Takeda Pharmaceuticals LLC

I know Ksenia for a while aleady and have been very impressed with enthusiasm and energy she manages to keep up in the most difficult tasks. Enterpreneurial spirit, excellent social skills and dedication to purpose - allow her to reach targets others dont even try.

Vyacheslav Buyevskiy

Director, Strategy & Deals, Advisory department at PwC

Ksenia has excellent knowledge of Power Point business presentation creating. Her deep and detailed knowledge of the subject helps our team not only to design the slides in a corporate stylish manner adopted to the company, but to share our business ideas with partners and shareholders in a well structured, persuasive manner that makes our business more efficient . She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. Ksenia would be a tremendous asset for your project and has my highest recommendation.

Ekaterina Neskina

Head of HR at CFC Management

t's my pleasure to recommend Ksenia as a real partner to your projects, whether it's about visualizing complicated information blocks or coaching your people for written presentation skills. Ksenia has participated in many SKOLKOVO projects and got the highest rates both from our students and clients. If you need a professional touch to your informational materials, be sure that it will be done at the highest level.

Olga Semenova

Corporate Programs Director at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Ksenia provided the two days Efficient Presentation training for our Company December’14. The course covered all vital methods and techniques for presenting analytical and marketing materials for management and clients. All the issues mentioned concerning both data structuring and visual implementation allowed us to achieve new level of competence and greatly improve our presentational skills. We so much appreciate her suggestions for creating the new corporate standards of visual communication based on market leaders’ best practices.

Anton Babich

Senior FP & Analyst - Cargill

Ksenia is very talented person who is able to turn boring technical text to greatly looking visually perfect presentation. She is able to identify the core of your message and deliver it to your customers through focused slides. There is no need to mention that she knows how to use all graphical tools that are required to get the ideal result.

Dmitry Goryunov

Director at Bearing Point